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A day late this time. Miss this thread last week. I t was a bad week. I crunched my car and had a few days of depression. I have been so tired that when I get home I don't want to post. But this week will be better. I miss seeing how every one is doing. I find it is the one thing in the evening that just makes my day.
Because I did not come here and post my food and leave a post here I have gained back 3 pounds. It will be back off before my birthday.
It is strange how even though we now this program works we will sabatoge ourselfs. And then get upset becauswe we gain. A positive attiude is what we all need.
Jenn I agree we need to love ourselfs more. Need to take care of our selfs.
Libby I understand about the weather. They are talking more snow coming soon congrats on the loss.
Ian welcome back. THe rest of the week will be better.

Goals this week
1 post every thing I eat.t-y
2 keep calories below 1700.t-n
3 drink 2 liters of water a dayt-n
4 exercise on days off.t-n
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