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Originally Posted by Mobz View Post
Seems like no matter what every weekend comes around my mind changes with out me even being able to control it. I eat very well and clean during the week days, follow my macros keep to my calories, feel great about it and even love the good healthy foods I eat until my days off arrive. I tell myself all week that I will go for a run, hike, shoot some arrows, or catch up on some stuff that needs to be done all in the sake of avoiding my old habits I am trying to rid my self of. Just seems like no matter what the weekends win and I keep heading out and eating two fast food meals. I am tired of it, I am trying to keep to what I promise my self I will do but amazes me no matter how much heart I put into it I keep failing my self. This sucks and I am just complaining but it really takes a toll on me every time.
I get ya!

For me it's the being single and socializing which usually means having drinks on the weekends.

I count my macros and cals for the week instead of daily so I am able to fit my weekends into my "healthy and fit" lifestyle by "being good" during the week so I can be "bad" on the weekends!
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