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Default Back strain

Hi all. I wonder if someone could help me with a problem that I have had for years. I find that the muscle in my middle back keeps tearing. I stop doing the lifting that causes it to tear, so that it can heal. But after a while it just goes again. It's a real pain in the a. I get other strains that heal and never come back, but this one always returns. It the muscle half way down my back and to the right a bit. I think it's the Latissimus Dorsi, and the lifting that causes it, is the bar pull downs and the front dumbells lift to halfway up when lying down on the the stomach. It only ever seems to be the right side that plays up, never the left. I am wondering if I need to stop doing those lifts for longer. I am getting older now and are finding that healing seems to take forever. Back in my twenties I would be healed in days, now it's months. Thanks for any ideas on my problem.
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