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It's a great day! I got up and jumped on the scale and it read 189.8. I have officially lost all of the baby weight and the weight gained from both miscarriages. I remember weighing 190 with my first pregnancy and that was 4 years ago so its been a while. I went back to my doctor and he would like to use my weight chart as an example for others struggling with their weight of how it can be done! So...I'm feeling pretty successful today! Now....onto the 70' next goal. Again, I still have a long ways to go, I'm a shorty here with a small frame, but I KNOW I can make it this time.

Something happened to me this month. I had been talking/complaining to my husband about the exercise. I used to love to exercise (sick, right?) but seriously, I loved being active and loved the feeling of laying down at the end of the day and just feeling the exhaustion in my body knowing that I had worked my body hard that day. I would sleep like a log and would wake up refreshed. As I've started exercising again, for the longest time, I felt truly tired after the work outs....completely wiped out. I kept asking my husband, when is this exercise going to make me start feeling better again?? Then, about 3 weeks ago, it happened. I've been getting up around 4:45 to 5 to get my 30 minutes of walking in before work and feeling sluggish. Then all of a sudden, I'd find myself waking up before the alarm at 4:30, and I started thinking, I think I can walk a little faster today....and I did. Then I thought, I think I can walk a little longer today....and I did!! So for the last couple of weeks, I've been getting up a little earlier and getting in a full hour of walking coupled with light weights. Then I do some stomach crunches and then get ready for work. I've been doing this M-F without fail and I can say I'm FINALLY starting to feel like the old me...the active, athletic me!! I used to come home from work and immediately plop down on the couch until I had to fix dinner only to plop down again until bed. I can honestly say, I don't do that anymore. My house is cleaner...I'm getting things done. I all of a sudden have energy again. I don't know when exactly it happened. It kind of snuck up on me while I was focused on getting there..but it did. From the doctor's readings, I have gained 1.1% of muscle as I lost 9 pounds and 3% body fat since my last visit so it is exciting to see this is working. I FEEL that it is working. Another shocker is that I've lost 7 inches from my waist. I hadn't been keeping track of that at all other than by clothing.

I've got the holidays coming up and I'm not really nervous...I'm cooking for about 10 people but I'm moving forward with all of this positive energy and momentum. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and cooking for everyone. I'll have small portions and that will be that. There is no way that I'm going to let one day get me off track at this point. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am running for it!
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