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Default Atkins Induction, now fat fast

About myself:
29yo; 5'4" female; weight at beginning 59.5kg
goal weight 50-52 kg
Atkins Induction started on 28 Oct 2013

Gained from 50kg in 10 months time due to binge eating & hormone issues.
New to Atkins, started induction on 28 Oct 2013, before that i've been on low calorie low carb for about 5 weeks (average 1300 cal, no bread/pasta/sugar at all, around 40-50g net carb per day, cardio exercise 5 days a week; 1 to 1.5 hour each, with a bit of weight training 1-2 times a week) lost around 1.5kg in 5 weeks.

Started Atkins as recommended by doctor due to family history of diabetes and thyroid problems.
As of today (15 Nov), not losing much lbs maybe only 2 pounds (my jeans are fitting a little bit better), following induction strictly having all the 12-15 net carb from veggie daily, 1800cal avg daily, 1.5-2L water, still having the 'Induction Flu' tired during the day.
The last 8 days been increasing my daily cal to around 2000-2200 cal see if I can see the drop of lbs and hoping to break that Induction Flu, but still the same nothing changed in fact I feel bloated with puffy eyes still tired. Ketostix shows low to moderate ketones.
Been having ankle n back pain for about 2 weeks so i've eliminated all cheese and start taking fish oil/ krill oil luckily now the pain is almost gone.

Today (15 Nov) start the fat fast, hoping to break through the Induction Flu n the bloating/ puff eyes.

Any recommendation to get pass that Induction Flu im really tired/ sleepy all day.. I think sodium isn't my problem because I've been eating smoked salmon almost everyday

Thanks n good luck to all on your weight loss war!!
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