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Just stop drinking! If you stop, even your "two a days" you will save about 200-400 calories a day, which will be two pounds a month. Something I found too, when I drank, I snacked. So for me, no drinking, stopped snacking... lost weight without a whole lot of other effort. That was the 10 pound kickstart I needed and made exercise a lot easier. I am about your height, 5' 4" and I have reached my goal. I have had one 4 ounce (yes I measured) wine in the last 365 days, and one 4 ounce glass the year before... Also not drinking makes your goals clear. I don't think I will have another for a very long time.

Why would you risk your liver for today's pleasure? You will need your liver the rest of your life. If you are trying to improve your overall health, get honest and do things that will encourage other good things to happen. Let one be the catalyst for the next.
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