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Hi All. I am 32 and was a yo-yo dieter from age 20-30 with an all time highest weight of 193 at my 30th birthday. A few short months later something in me finally clicked - I needed to be healthier and it shouldn't be so up and down all the time. I joined Weight Watchers and even though I don't use it anymore, for me it felt like a necessary step. I lost 50 lbs in about 8 months! So I got down to 140, which I don't think I'd been close to since high school (when I thought I was fat!!). A year later I'd put 13 lbs back on, spent 6 months taking that off again. Now, due to a LOT of stress this year, I've gained 20 back. I am upset because I learned so much and feel I know how to live better, but just haven't been doing it. I guess that's guilt. I'm hear to share what I know because I have been successful, but I also have realized I cannot do this on my own. It's so important to find support to maintain a healthy lifestyle continuously. Now, more than ever, I have realized the impact of stress, depression, anxiety on my habits and the need to gain good habits and keep them for my entire lifetime. Looking forward to this!
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