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Default Doing it right!

Jacklin, reading your story made me tear up a little bit. You're sooo encouraging and I love how you are losing weight for all the right reasons and making healthy lifestyle choices! My mother is dying a slow death due to her own inactivity and I see people all the time sentence themselves to a lifetime of diabetes, hypertension, and muscle wasting. You can't eat a diet full of empty calories, cholesterol, sodium, and fat; then sit on the couch all day and expect to have any energy to do anything!

Last year a friend talked me into trying the hcg diet. I lost 20 pounds pretty quick - then put on 25.

This time, I'm doing it for real, too. No gimmicks. Low fat diet (having gall bladder issues, so I either do low fat or I do surgery), lots of water, limiting the "bad stuff", increasing the healthy foods, and MOVING. Routine has been an issue for me as my schedule is all sorts of wacky.

Anyway, I am SO PROUD of your accomplishments! So proud of your healthy outlook! So proud that you're doing this right! Keep on truckin', sister!

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