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Unhappy I forgot to walk!!

Well, I have lost a couple more pounds, but how is beyond me. I did not walk last week at all! I can't believe it, but I really did forget. I have an alarm that goes off every night at 10:30 to remind me to walk (in my back yard, around my pool :-)). It would go off and I would think, I will walk after I finish this (whatever I was doing). But then I would completely forget about it. So now I have to get back on track and get those 15-19 minute walks in. I can do anything for 15 minutes, right?

You are doing great Renee! Down from 185 to 139?? I would die to be 139 again!! I have not been 139 since high school!! But I know you want to lose a little more right? We can do it! I am right there with you!

Starting weight 240 10-1-13
First goal 235 10/27/13 :-)
Second goal 230 11/24/13

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