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Originally Posted by tamika62 View Post

I did have a gastric bypass in 09 start weight 644 lost 250 then had a bad surgery and gained some back at 400
How did you feel after losing 250 lbs? I have an older friend who had a gastric bypass about 3-4 years ago and went from 365 to 95. She is about 120 now after going back up to about 150 which is too much for her small frame. She was stress eating and I am pretty blunt so I told her NOTHING is worth gaining all that weight back.

It's true, because the surgery was difficult for her, like it is for many who have it done.

You have a choice. You can eat to live, use food as it it meant to be used, as fuel for your body OR you can live to eat, which, tbh, sounds damn depressing to me.

You already made the changes to succeed in losing those 250 pound! Do not lose that motivation! Screw the EX, his loss right?!. You need to do this for you, not him, so just do it!
"Just Do It"
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