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That's right Baxtman- we have so many blessings. I live in a country that is safe, I can go and come freely... so I might as well make the right choices! My heart is with those who were devastated this weekend in the Philippines. I can only imagine what they must be going through. You made my day brighter too! Pass it on- it is free.

Bikehikerun- in my first 40 pounds I often caught myself asking if whatever I was about to eat or do was "worth" the calories. I also stopped eating "Diet" or "Light" anything because it was not honest calories. It also was good therapy for me to take a "body inventory" of how I felt right before I was to exercise, how I felt during the exercise and my result or feeling post-exercise. That gratitude at the end of the activity (and it happened EVERY TIME) sometimes was the motivation I needed to get in there on the day that the drive wasn't there.
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