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Originally Posted by baxtman1 View Post
The title of this thread is something motivational, so where is the motivation? If you want someone to magically motivate you, then what you write should be motivational. Everyone can succeed for 10min, or 1hr, or 4hrs, or all day. Focus on your success, not on your failure. I am personally coming to this site looking for people who can succeed despite adversity. Don't come here to say "I failed again today." That belongs on the "People who aren't ready to lose weight" forum. Instead, what did you do right? If you get a bunch of people focused that, they will lose a lot of weight.
I have things to share with you, but first, I want to see if I can find people who can help me stay motivated. I wonder how many people are stuck in this rut? I know I have to be more active to lose weight, but I'm too fat and too tired to work out. This is not very well articulated, but hopefully you get the idea. If that is you, what are you doing about it? We do have a choice. I hope to hear some comments. Good or bad, all comments are welcome. Let's get something going.
Baxtman- You know what you did right in your post? you were honest. That is the key. You can do this, heck I did! I have my newest thing, and that is get 15 minutes ahead of tomorrow. Whatever that might be... plan out my meals, do a load of clothes, do 5 minutes of tomorrow's walk today... I set a timer and I do it.

You are right, you do need to be active to lose weight, but take it in small doses and you can and will succeed. I changed the way I did laundry to be more active! Seriously! I took one thing out of the dryer at a time, folded it then bent over and got the next thing out, yes it sounds dumb and yes I felt silly and yes it took a lot longer than pulling out the whole mess and then flopping down on the couch and folding it while I watched television, but it was movement, I strengthened my back, abs and got a little winded doing it (boom! exercise- wow!)
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