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Hi Libby! It's been a while since I posted here so of course I will re-introduce myself. I have recently met my weight loss goal, and now have gone 2 pounds under it! I didn't do it quickly, but methodically. I gave myself a reasonable caloric intake (2000 calories per day for days that I exercised and 1800 for non exercise days) I didn't do crazy exercise, I walked, did yoga, and water aerobics. I chose exercises that I enjoyed, that I knew I could continue to do for years to come!

I weighed daily and logged it. I measured the body monthly and logged it. Yes it zigs and zags, but over time I saw a slow, successful downward number on the scale, and lower numbers on the measuring tape. For me, that was motivation. Also during exercise, especially during my walks, I didn't use music or listen to anything. I walked alone, with my thoughts, and did my own affirmations, got honest with myself, planned my days, etc.

I read books on nutrition, not necessarily on dieting. I stopped drinking alcohol, I stopped eating in restaurants for a few years, I stopped eating processed food. Instead I took FULL CHARGE and FULL responsibility for what I ate. I lowered my total cholesterol by 60 points, my blood sugar, raised HDL's Lowered LDL's and Triglycerides. The interior change has been just as if not more dramatic than the exterior changes.

So there is a brief history of me. other boring details, Female, mid 40's.
Weight loss of 52 pounds
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