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I am embarrassed to actually admit this, this is the first time I've ever admitted it besides to myself- I binge eat. It is the main culprit in my being overweight. (I am 5'7" & 180 lbs- I look & feel best at 140 lbs) I truly do know how to eat a proper, balanced diet, and how to effectively exercise, but I sabotage all of my efforts with binging. I have been trying to pinpoint WHAT makes me want to binge- foods that taste really good, or have emotional benefits & make me feel good or filled up (especially if I'm filling sad &/or tired), if I'm not busy (I try to keep busy, but then I find myself wanting to eat, even when not hungry, and then I eat too much).... I am truly happy with my life, there is very little that I would change and the things that I would change are being worked on I am not depressed, nor am I unhappy in general (just get a little sad from time to time missing my brother who lives far away and my grandparents who died). I LOVE the holidays, I LOVE to cook & bake, and I am an EXCELLENT cook.... so I think about food & cooking & what would taste good, which means I don't SEE food as JUST fuel, I see it as fun & edible art & for some reason it makes me feel good. I think the very best way for me to not binge aould be to get rid of the foods in my house that I tend to binge on, BUT I want to learn HOW to not binge in the first place! I tend to binge on spaghetti the most (at least 80% of my bingeing is on spaghetti), I think it's because it is a childhood favorite, if very filling & tasty, & fast to make. I almost only binge in the afternoon, 1-3 pm, when I am most tired & my willpower is also lowest. I think that if I could replace the binging with something else at that time that it could help- perhaps having a cup of coffee every afternoon would give me something to look forward to, & help keep me from wanting to binge? All ideas & tips welcome, but please be kind- I have NEVER spoken of this, and am very sore on it.
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