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Angry BIGGEST Glitch

Originally Posted by DonyaL View Post
The weight change status report continues to use the wrong start date so the report is useless for what I'm trying to track. I have repeatedly changed and saved the correct start date under weight goals, but to no avail. Please help! Thanks so much.
I posted maybe six months ago that the calculations of the food vitamins is un-reliable.

Just now, I input two Atkins shakes which I have recorded as a common intake food. The failure of the program to tabulate properly has not been fixed in the last 6 months since I first posted.

Just as six months back, the calculations show completely WRONG tabulations for the per cent ages. If this program were functioning properly, it would be a simple addition problem... add the given percentages of calcium, for example.

Instead, Fitday (although very helpful) has totally erroneous numbers.

The worst part of this problem? The staff at FitDay or the owners.... don't care. Obviously.

Why buy a product that fails to perform and whose "management" fails to perform in correcting the problem?

Let me repeat that. WHY would anyone buy this if the problem of false numbers in the report and in the daily vitamin & mineral intake is false ??
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