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A cup of sliced carrots from a can has 353 mg sodium. A cup of boiled carrots with no salt, cooked, boiled and drained, has 90 mg of sodium, which is very close to the sodium when carrots are cooked from frozen (no salt). The same amount of carrots, boiled and drained from frozen but with salt, has 431 mg. sodium. Since there's so much of a range, to be really low in sodium means boiling and draining (or microwaving) without any salt in the boiling liquid.

Do people usually cook vegetables in water without any salt? I can't even guess - experience tells me that salt is often added to cooking water (pasta's cooking water, for example).

If you're not using salt in your cooking water, look at the values for 'carrots, cooked, boiled, drained, no salt' in the fitday food database.

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