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Hey everyone I have been lurking around but haven't posted in a while.

Goals for the week are what I need so here goes, I know it is Friday but it's always a good day to have a goal.

Drink my 64 oz of water:
10,000 steps:
45 G of fiber a day:
no added sugar:

Libby, if you are having trouble with your exercise goal, adjust your goal to something you KNOW you can do. I have just reached my weight loss goal for the year. Something I have learned is when I set my goals I had to be honest and set goals that I KNEW I would honor. Just like when you make a promise to a friend.

Nyda: I worked in grocery for years. Take good care of those feet. Shoes are everything! Spend a little more on a GOOD pair of shoes and know then investment is worth every dime. When your feet hurt your entire body suffers.
Weight loss of 52 pounds
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