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hello all. My first dayh went well. It was alot of paper work and a tour and so on. I did really well I ate only what I had with me. I did not eat a single donut. I did anot even smell them. Tomorrow I work 10 am to 7pm. The one who gives me my schedual will there tomorrow. I then will know what my hours will be and my days off. I am only part time. I need to let her know also that I can not earn more then 1,000 per month. I am still hoping to get disability. Stress is not kind to me. I had to take a head ache pill last night and right now I have a bit of a stiff neck and a dull pain on the left side.
The only exercise that I can claim is a 6 minutes fast walk out to my car and back to the training room.

my goals for the week
1 log every thing I eat. m-y,t-y,w-y
2 post here every day. m-y, t-y,w-y
3 drink 8 cups of water. m-y,t-y,w-y
4 exercise 5 times. 1-2-
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