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I reached my goal the end of last year - took me approx the year to lose 75-80 lbs. And now, I have been working hard to maintain the loss - keeping myself challenged with exercise, still watching my foods. I have a range of about 4 lbs that I like to stay between. I do understand what you are saying. There was some comfort level, trying to lose the weight - knowing I was in that mode. It seems strange to not have to lose anymore weight - when I've always had to lose weight my whole life! Granted - this is a lifestyle change and we will always have to watch our foods and exercise - but it is a new feeling to have to get accustomed to. I try to keep myself challenged with new goals - like running races and training to increase my stamina and distance.
I also think being at your goal weight is rather scary - you worry about gaining the weight back, you worry about not being able to control yourself (not all the time, but it's always in the back of your head) I guess there is an adjustment period you have to go thru in your brain, as well as getting your body adjusted.
So - in answer to your question - more interesting when you are losing weight? - I'm not sure if it's more interesting, but there was a certain comfort level.
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