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Please contact me, I am also 60 and I see some danger signs in your post. I have been on Atkins since the age of 17 and know this diet inside and out. There are some things I read in your post that are very dangerous. First of all you will starve your brain by eating no carbs, and to accomplish eating no carbs, you'd have to eat only lard. You don't want to be in severe diabetic ketosis, and if you're doing this diet correctly, you'd be off meds in 3 months tops. I am happy to assist you in anyway possible. I have maintained a weight loss of 100 lbs. I am a nutritionist and consultant on another site; and have helped hundreds lose weight, for free, because I don't want to read posts like this.

I don't want to see you hurt yourself further. Carbs cannot affect your bladder in anyway whatsoever. I think you need to see a professional about that. You should be eating every 3 hours with diabetes and in general. You are definitely doing something wrong. How do you suppose blood sugar can peak if you're not eating sugar or carbohydrates, which convert to sugar? Doesn't make sense. I will help you privately, as what you're doing is all wrong and you're in danger of organ shut down. If you are not losing one lb minimum, you are doing something wrong.

Even during a plateau you will lose inches and then have a large loss of weight. You're always losing inches, even when your weight stalls, because you're building muscle.

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