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I am not using Fitday Classic.

When I go to 'Home' and then from there, use 'Calendar,' I get the current calendar. At the top left is a little desktop calendar type icon and the word 'Calendar.' Directly to the right of that is the same little icon and the date. If you click on the word 'today', you get two little calendar months popping up underneath. There is a small left arrow that allows you to go back through the years by month. Keep 'backing up' until you get the month and year you want. Then click on the date you want to see. You should see the month of that day laid out below, with all the calorie counts for each day.

By choosing a day (you can see that date embedded in the url at the top of the screen), you can see the calorie balance, intake, etc. in the pie chart to the right.

The thing is, when I want to look at the food log of foods I ate, it bounces me back to the current day (you can see this in the url changing at the top of your browser). Using my back button, I can 'back' into the calendar I wanted, with all the numbers of calories there, but I just can't see the food log for a certain day.

That's what I was able to do.. and not do.

Maybe someone else has a solution to getting to the actual food log for a day. Good luck!

Update: I think I may have found a way! Switch to Fitday Classic by clicking on Fitday Classic at the top of
your home screen (be in the 'Dashboard' and see Fitday Classic as one option at the top of the screen).

Choose the Calendar tab. It will show the current calendar month (in this case, October) but to the left and right are previous and next month with little arrows. Use the arrow next to the previous month to go 'backwards' through the months. Do that until you get to the month you want, a few years ago. That month will be displayed below, with little apple icons to show that you had a food log filled out that day. Click on the icon of the day you want to look at and it DOES come up!

So, maybe the answer is that it can be done, with Classic.

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