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Good luck on your journey, Jacklin! I think the ways we regain what we lost are as important as the ways we lost pounds. Putting weight back on after you've lost it is so frustrating, but a common experience. Not to mention putting on weight after emotional milestones.

I was reading a book recently (wish I could find the title) in which the author pointed out that the desire to eat something for comfort, for snacking, or just to eat more calories, occurs some time before you actually make the attempt to even decide what to eat. After your boss gave you an impossible assignment, for example, and you aren't even thinking of food... suddenly, the word 'lunch' pops into your mind. Or 'grocery shopping,' or 'food cart.' He said that that was the time to start thinking about better ways to deal with the stress or boredom that prompted that thought. Right then, with some conscious follow-through. Of course, hunger prompts you to think about food, too.

This really hit home with me because I am a 'stress eater.' Not everyone is, but I sure am.
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