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I think you are on the right track.
Yes, hormones can play a role. 42 is about the right time for peri -menopause. It's not too early. I can't speak to the acne because I've always had it.
I'm having similar issues with thyroid. I've had traditional doctors look at me and say I have the characteristics for low thyroid but the tests come back normal. Finally my naturualpath "diet doctor" put me on something called naturethyroid and is seems to be helpting.

She's also coaching with medically supervised weight loss plan. (lots of veggies, shakes, lean meat, etc) I have a lot of food sensitivities and she was one of the few that understood. (so side note, monitor your dairy reactions -gassy, cramps, uneasy, tired, etc. As we age, we often lose the ability to digest dairy correctly and it can influence our weight.)
Good luck.
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