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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Hope, she has developed infection in her left leg--cellulitis is the official term. Painful for her to walk (although improving everyday) and her leg is very red. She was on IV and is now on antibiotics for 10days. Will have to go to grocery store tomorrow since we are running low on milk.

She's supposed to go for follow-up with family Dr but can't get in for a week. I don't know what to think? Is that normal? Surely they could work her in since they got the report from hospital.

Slowly getting more sleep but I'm cooking, cleaning (sort of--just dishes and keeping the counters clean) and today it's laundry.

Libby, we've all done it. Don't get discouraged, my weight fluctuates a lot.

Jenn, I am sorry to hear about what she has been through. I'm sorry, I forget (I forget everything lately) is she diabetic? I do not know what is normal with docotrs; I know it is very frustrating dealing with them. I agree with Libby; keep an eye on her and call if need be.

And Libby, I agee with Jenn: we ahve all been there. In fact, you described what many of my days have been like lately. That's why it is always a new start, a new chance to make other choices.

Adyndravo1, English is A HARD language. You're doing really well, much better than I would do in another language. It sounds like you made a good choice in Jack in the Box whereas I ate a Quarter Pounder with cheese and fries in my car this week.
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