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Default Uncooperative husband

Hello, I'm new on this board.
I have been low carbing on and off a few times.
I'm muslim, but don't cover. I'm a convert, by my choice.

My husband used to tempt me with certain foods, just recently we had a holiday gathering, where everyone was eating couscous and vegetables, so I just ate the veggies.
Anyway the first time I low carbed I lost 45 lbs. And was looking good, he has always been jealous, but I noticed he was more jealous then.
I can honestly say he has changed over the years, we've been married 21 years and he's still jealous but I know how to avoid this. I dress modestly, and this I learned from my religion.
I think this was more of an issue for him because he wanted me to be more modest, it's just how he was raised.

Also, I have a question, how long have you been married?

Sometimes people are so quick to call it quits!
Work on you problems, you'll thank yourself. Sometimes it's easier to give in on things that don't matter so much. Pick your fights.

Stick to your diet, but find out what his underlying problem is!
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