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Originally Posted by YanaGl View Post
Having tried various weightloss regimes over the years, I know its no piece of cake. We can have the best information and diet plan but how sustainable it is, is a big question

Diet plan is by far the best and healthiest way to lose weight,but chances are, any dieting plan you follow will fall through most of the time. Especially if you have a busy schedule and dont quite know how to deal with hunger and food cravings. After much experimentation I can say, a strict diet plan is always going to look like a bad idea at some point.

I believe we need a slight lifestlye change than a strict calorie restriction plan. I dont know if anyone has come across the 5:2 diet plan. Its pretty huge in the UK. I have mentioned this in a previous post but just felt like sharing more information. I am very happy with this plan. It got me interested because the plan is backed by real research that found its place in a bbc documentary

The basic idea is that you restrict your calories on only two days a week and the rest five days eat your favorite food as normal. So basically you dont really feel deprived or your normal self too thrown off, which makes your weightloss target more achievable. Its been two months since I have been following 5:2 diet and I am very happy. There is no drastic change in weight but its slow and consistent, you also feel healthier and energetic.

If anyone is on this diet plan please shares your experiences and insights.
I am also starting it ,I am on my second thin day, will weigh in tomorrow it does seem to good to be true but give it a go
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