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My resolutions:
1) plan meals and stick close to it- planned, stuck sorta close NO I have been eating out of control, depression eating.
2) lose 3 pounds this week - gained .4 yikes, gained more
3) stretch - yes, yes
4) writing must be my priority; set priorites and stick to `em - yes NO
5) practice Spanish - yes NO
6) throw out (recycle) 5 papers or 3 unnecessary items (clothes, books,etc.) daily -yes, yes
7) organize 3 aspects of writing (files, notebooks, index)- yes
8) drink more water - yes, yes
9) meditate -yes, yes
10) be more mindful so I stop knocking over water glasses (especially into open drawers), locking my keys in the car, taking other people's things home, etc. - I knocked over my water again luckily I was next to the sink, Still clumsy - fibro
11) As the Buddha said, "Don't speak unless it improves on silence." Or just talk less. ish yes
12) Find the positive (it's there.) yes trying
13) Don't feel guilty for saying no or setting reasonable limits. no, no (and i feel guilty saying that)
14) reach out to one person a day -yes, yes
15) get outside every day, even briefly -yes, yes
16) remember to take my pills morning and night -yes, yes
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