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as far as goals, I'd like the nest of both worlds. lol I'd like to get down to 10% bf b/c that seems to be where the abs really start to show and gain maybe a little more muscle. That's the problem that I've having now is that I'm trying to focus on 2 different goals. I agree about being 12-13% body fat. It cracked me up b/c when I joined the gym they did a fit assessment and the guy tried telling me that I was 21.x%. He looked at me as if he truly believed it, I looked at him like "are you kidding?"

My diet is pretty clean. I just need to figure out if I need to be calorie deficient or not to him my goal that's pulling me in 2 different directions. I try to stick to a 20%f, 45%c and 35%p macro. I recently changed it to 25%f, 25%c, 50%p and really didn't like the way I felt. Maybe it was too big of a jump too fast?? I'm thinking if I just do a simple flip flop to a 20%f, 35%c & 45%p it may help out?

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it seems that many people there are on gear, some are open and honest about it while others aren't. It makes me wonder if that's the route to take, although I hate to think like that but it seems near impossible to get to my totally different goals without it. But like I said, I guess I need to focus on the long term goal.

I also just picked up Huge in a Hurry and started reading that. Hopefully I'll take away something from it that'll kick start me.
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