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Default This is precisely why so many people are obese!

There is no "miracle diet", "magic pill", "ab machine", or "quick fix" for fat loss. EAT LESS THAN YOU BURN. Eat a diet high in quality protein (a common problem is many people eat WAY TOO LITTLE protein), moderate in carbohydrates and relatively low in fat (but be sure to take in omega 3's as in fish oil). Track and record EVERYTHING you eat, every day. Many people also severely underestimate the amount of calories they eat each day. If you're using FitDay, you're on the right track. USE IT! Exercise regularly- perform heavy resistance training if you can, and you WILL LOSE FAT. It's simple, but heck no, it isn't easy. This diet, that diet; they all "work", if you're eating less than you're burning. But there's no need to starve yourself, or subsist on juice, or cauliflower, or peanut butter, or any one food. Protein should be the basis of ANY fat loss program. It satiates you, it helps maintain muscle mass, and it actually requires more calories to "burn" via the thermic effect of eating (TEE) than carbohydrates or fat. Please stop the madness with these moronic fads and misleading information!
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