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Wow so glad you were able to keep your house with the flood and no one was hurt. We had flood damage due to sandy last year. A tree hit our roof and caused major damage to the kitchen and I know the stress you are feeling.
You can so do this just take one day at a time. The rewards you receive from the weight loss and how good you will feel over powers any food.
My suggestion is to eat as clean as possible, avoid processed foods and try
to get some exercise in your routine even if you can only do 10 minutes.

I was at my highest weight this past may. Bp hitting 180's/100's . What makes this worse is that I am a nurse and yep I know better. I felt absolutely horrible all the time and new at 51 years old I was setting myself up with a possible stroke or heart attact. My life changed when a new planet fitness moved in close to the hospital and I was offered a free membership. I went and met a wonderful trainer named josh who set me up with a clean eating plan and a cardio and weight lifting routine. I since may 28th have lost 56 lbs. I do look better, down 3 jean sizes but more importantly I feel great. I work out 2 times a week at the gym and 5 days a week before or after work walk 5 miles at the local high school track.
I am telling you this because if I can do this at almost 52 you can do this at 40. You will feel amazing and that is worth more than any food that touches your lips.
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