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Evening all. I had a nice day today. Gathered up garbage and cleaned out the garage so we can park inside. Both of us hate scraping windows.The green house still has strawberrys and tomatoes growing. The weather is really nice for this time of year. Borther went for a bike ride today. They both do love to ride. Nyda

My goals
1 log every thing I eat m-y,t-y,w-y,T-tried,f-y,s-n, s-y
2 Post at least once a day. m-y,t-y, w-y, t-y,f-y, s-n, s-y
3 drink my water m-y,t-y,w-y,t-y,f-y, s-y s-n
4 exercise 5 times this week m-y, t-y ,w-y-t-n,f-y,s-y-s-n
5 get my bmi under 40 yes!
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