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Evening. I got my exercise in today. I did dishes took out the garbage, Got the oatmeal ready to go into storage. But 6 gallons of water out in the green house to absorbe heat during the day. The electrican then came and I followed hime around for 2 hours and again inthe afternoon for about an hour or so. The fish were acting a little hungry so I gave them something to eat.
I made baked tortilla chips and bean dip for lunch, for 320 calories.
Jean welcome. My middle name is Jean.
Libby you will make it. Think Positive.
Jenn glad you got your lawn mowed. Around here the grass is going dormate, so no mowing.

My goals
1 log every thing I eat m-y,t-y,w-y,T-tried,f-y
2 Post at least once a day. m-y,t-y, w-y, t-y,f-y
3 drink my water m-y,t-y,w-y,t-y,f-y
4 exercise 5 times this week m-y, t-y ,w-y-t-n,f-y
5 get my bmi under 40
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