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Evening. I had problems logging in my food, I could not get the portion amounts to work. Other then that I had a good day. We hauled several totes of stuff off for charity today have to get the cars in the garage by sunday. I started embrodering a 3 matching dolies about a year or more ago. I got them soked and ready to but a few beads on them then they are done. It feels good to get something done.
I like crafts also. I do some scrape booking some croqueting, and a loke of embrodery and couonted cross stitch. You should check out Heaven and Earth They have some amazing stuff. Doing whatever it takes to keep food out of the mouth.

My goals
1 log every thing I eat m-y,t-y,w-y,T-tried
2 Post at least once a day. m-y,t-y, w-y, t-y
3 drink my water m-y,t-y,w-y,t-y
4 exercise 5 times this week m-y, t-y ,w-y-t-n
5 get my bmi under 40
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