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Evening all. I had a good day today. I got the wal-mart job. It will be strange after all t his time to have to go to work. i hope I can handle it. I have been doing good with the migrans. Last job I had to call in sick on day 5. Never had to do that before. I quess it is just wait and see. I did okay today. A little high in fat with the edam cheese, but really delioush. Still working on water but THat is not something I have much trouble with.
Jenn congrats on the loss.
Libby way to go. When you are on a roll it is easy to stay on a roll.

My goals
1 log every thing I eat m-y,t-y,w-y
2 Post at least once a day. m-y,t-y, w-y
3 drink my water m-y,t-y,w-y
4 exercise 5 times this week m-y, t-y ,w-y
5 get my bmi under 40
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