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Default Frustrated! (And new here)

Hello! I'm new here and have only started using FitDay about two weeks ago. I'm a marathon runner who had a reconstructive knee surgery in early May. In that time, I gained almost 25 lbs of fat, lost most of the muscle tone in my body and the leg of the knee I had surgery on was totally atrophied. I'm not a stick thin marathoner to begin with (I wish) so the extra weight has got me really down. I'm completely frustrated by all of it as I'm still unable to run, and have only recently learned to walk again. I have physical therapy twice a week and go to the gym nearly every day to ride a bike/elliptical. I'm doing what I can to get back to the active lifestyle I used to have but swelling and pain limit the intensity of what I can do.

I'm finding FitDay to be extremely helpful in showing me what I actually eat everyday and helping me cut out the things I REALLY shouldn't be having (too much alcohol, loads of cheese, too much bread, late night snacks, etc).
Does anyone here have any advice for a frustrated athlete and has anyone here had a similar situation?

Nice to meet y'all and thanks for your help!
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