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Ev ening all. I got started late today. I am going to bed by 11 tonight even if I have to take a sleep aid. cleaned and painted all 3 windows in main living area. Will finish up tomorrow and wednesday better be nicer cause I am trading the car for the truck and making a dump run. Triped over the dog bed inmy bedroom and I did my best not to fall on the dog. Ended up on my butt with my back banged up against the closet door. I strained my back at waist level on the left side (weak side) and sprained my wrist and hand a bit on the left also. I can still feel it a bit, but that did not stop me climbing the ladder today. My goals that I have had for the last few weeks seem to be working so

My goals
1 log every thing I eat m-y
2 Post at least once a day. m-y
3 drink my water m-y
4 exercise 5 times this week m-y
5 get my bmi under 40
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