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Exclamation inaccurate calorie counts?

The calorie counts are ridiculously divergent on several foods. I have examples.

3 sample calorie counts versus actual food packaging. yes, I have carefully checked the portion sizes listed on the food packaging. that is not the problem.

Birds Eye yellow corn: 140 calories per cup. Fitday yellow corn: 350 cal per cup!

Birds Eye broccoli: 30 calories per cup. Fitday broccoli: 100 calories per cup.

Food Lion cheese tortellini: 180 calories per cup. Fitday cheese tortellini: about 400 calories per cup.

This makes no sense. I am fairly sure it's illegal for companies to lie on the food packaging, so they should be accurate. There is absolutely NO WAY that corn is 350 calories per cup. Where are these crazy numbers coming from and when will they be corrected?
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