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Good morning everyone and for the canadains Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I cleaned up most of the yard yesterday. I put up the chair cushions, hoses, lawn mowers, pots, Eliot the dragon, and sprinklers. Our brother took us out for dinner yesterday. I tried to eat right. Had the salad bar,and watched how much dressing I used. I had the vanilla pudding rather the bread pudding with frosting. I got on the scales this morning and lost anther 2 pounds this week. I should finish up with the yard and the house this next week then back to the vidios. My BMI is dropping finally. I am shoting for it to break 40 this month.
Mike what Robin said
Jenn I am sorry you don't get along with your family. There are some aunts and cousins I don't get along with either. I have been the invisible fly on the wall often, so know what you mean.
Libby hope everything works out today, the turkey most of all.
rensterpuff your welcome.
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