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Question Tips to stop the tv snacks

Hi everyone id like to know if anybody can advice me on a few tips to help me stop the trips to the cupboards when the ad break is on?
The tv over here in England really aint that great-especially without sky(bill needs paying)!!!
The food just seems to call me and will not stop shouting my name til i eat it!
Im really good through the day and my portion sizes are good for mealtimes but theres just something about when the kids go to bed and tv goes on!
I know i need willpower and through the week i just think its easier to just go upstairs away from the kitchen so i dont give in.
It doesnt seem to matter even if im full-this is how i end up not losing and just staying the same weight for weeks on end. I just seem to undo all the hard work i do through the week.
I dont go out much so boredom kinda takes over and it doesnt help when i love the cooking programmes-all i see is food.
Any suggestions??????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????
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