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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Just on-going testing related to MS. Nothing new has happened since May (legs) but my arm is still numb since last Jan.

I had the LB today and I feel fine, in fact good, but I have to "take it easy" so as to not re-open the injection site. I'm pretty sure that daily yoga made a big difference in the ease of the procedure today.

They tried to feed me pepsi or coke at the hospital. I said no way don't I don't touch pop. Apparently I have to lay the caffeine to me. Nursing a coffee right now,
So sorry you have to deal with this. But good for you that you resisted the soda!!!

Originally Posted by adyndravo1 View Post
Hello all. I have not had a good couple of days. I woke up yesterday with my head hurting. I had to stay off the tv and computer perrty much all day. So I missed posting yesterday. I had to do a drug test today for the job a wal-mart. It went really well. I drank most of my water for the day between 9 and 11. I am feeling better this evening.
Libby I have found that when the barameteric pressure drops or starts yo-yoing my head hurts as well. My sister quilts a lot.
Hope I am still getting tomatoes from the green house. I have to decide what to do with them. May peel and freeze them for use latter is a soup or pasta dish.
Barometric pressure affects my fibromyalgia soooo much. Sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope you get the job and resist the goodies! So many things to do with tomatoes: sause, salsa, soup, pasta, in guacamole. Wonder how you sun dry `em?

Originally Posted by iansteele View Post
Robin - Pepsi or Coke at the hospital, serious? What 1st world paradise is this?
I love this.

Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Robin, good to see you here! Take it easy.

I have to keep a 3 day food diary for diabetes appointment Fri. Incentive to eat properly since someone is going to read it. Keeping busy has kept me from snacking.

There was an article in local paper this morning on how many calories are in a thanksgiving meal (and they were basing it on low amounts like 1/8 of a pie). It was 1,400 which is over what we should be having in a day. Wow. Oh well, at least it's only one day.

Journals do keep it real. I love Thanksgiving, find it hard to rein it in since all of that stuff is my favorite kind of food (potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing,pie...)

Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post

My brother got a 15 pound one when we went to his place a few years ago. His in-laws don't eat turkey so it was basically 3 pounds per person (me, Mom and him). Don't get me started on this topic!!

I love turkey but maybe I don't love it that much lol!!!
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