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Hello all. I have not had a good couple of days. I woke up yesterday with my head hurting. I had to stay off the tv and computer perrty much all day. So I missed posting yesterday. I had to do a drug test today for the job a wal-mart. It went really well. I drank most of my water for the day between 9 and 11. I am feeling better this evening.
Libby I have found that when the barameteric pressure drops or starts yo-yoing my head hurts as well. My sister quilts a lot.
Jen I like pumpkin pie,cookies, bread ect. Just not alone by its self. no one else really does in my family. No left overs for thanksgiving. We all go out for dinner, usually Chuck a ramma
Mel-mac some days that is all we can do is just keep the calorie level down
Hope I am still getting tomatoes from the green house. I have to decide what to do with them. May peel and freeze them for use latter is a soup or pasta dish.

1 log everything I eat,M-y,T-n,W-y
2 drink at least 8 cups of water,M-y,T-y,W-y
3 Post at least once a day, M-y,T-n, W-y
4 exercise at everyday,M-y, T-n, W-y
5 If I get the job at wal-mart backery
no product samples
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