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Evening everyone. I got back on the ladder after a day mostly resting. I an now painting trim and doors. I have to clean as I go. Walls need a little scrubbing and the windows and blind need vacuuming and washing before I can pain them. Have 4 windows,lots and lots of fun. Libby I think I am doing the same thing eating junk because of all the painting. I turned the heater off in the green house yesterday. Big mistake every thing on the south side froze. I want to run the heater for about 5 more days. then I will pick the last of the tomatoes and clean up the inside.
Libby after you get your turkey go the company's web site and you will find step by step instruction on how to cook your bird. For stuffing I like to take a herb stuffing mix and plain bread stuffing add a little onion and celery, butter, sage, salt and pepper and what ever else trips your trigger.
mike congrats on the engagement. Jamaica sounds like fun

drink lots of water,y,y,y,y,y,y
log everything I eat,y,y,y,y.n,y
post at least once a day,y,y,y,y,y,y
exercise daily,y ,y,y,y.y only about a half hour painting and clean up,y
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