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Hi LMB! You must have been posting as I was just posting my previous reply. It sounds like we have some similar histories. My dr told me I was about one year away from being on medication for possible type 2 diabetes and my husband was already there although I'm happy to report that he is now off all medication after he joined me on this journey of healthy eating. All of his levels are normal so it is reversible IF you catch it early enough. When I went in, all of my hormone levels were high. The way he explained it was when we gain weight for whatever reason the body will create more estrogen. As women gain weight, we of course have more body fat... The more body fat you have, the more estrogen your body will hold onto making it even more difficult to lose body fat so it becomes this vicious cycle. In my case, my estrogen was so high, my testosterone levels had also started to climb (dr said) in my body's attempt to self regulate at get back to normal. So...if you can imagine I was tired, moody, thought I was depressed, possibly losing my mind, and it came down to my hormones. He actually didn't put me on any meds for that and said once I started losing the weight it would take care of itself and he was right. I wasn't able to lose any weight but one thing that really helped but wasn't easy...not even gonna lie... He wants me to eat 80% of my calories before 3:00. So I try to eat 5 times a 7,10,12,3, and dinner at 6 or 7. No carbs at dinner, just a meat and veggie but I eat carbs during the day. It's worked for me, but I've had to get used to being hungry sometimes at night...not all the time but that was usually when I fell off the wagon if you know what I mean when I dieted before. I had to go through 3 doctors until I could find someone who would listen to me so good luck talking to your doctor. That has been life changing for me! Good luck!
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