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Hi Jacklin! Thank you for sharing your story. I think I will ask my doctor about checking my hormone levels when I go back in Jan. As I seem to be stuck at 292. But my dietitian told me to keep up all the hard work I've been doing with journaling what I eat, as I do have goals set for minimum and maximum for, calories, fat, carbs, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, and protein. When I first saw my dietitian I was around 312 pounds, and with walking every day for 15 min. along with journaling for a healthy lifestyle class, I did get down to 287. I'm guessing 5 lbs really isn't looked at as a big deal. When they take my blood pressure I'm also high. 144/97 with a pulse of 109. For must people that would be something to worry about. But when I take using the stores monitories I do get readings of 128/88. My doc also ran an EKG test to make sure my pulse was just from anxiety. I also was diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic. This was catch with the A1C test as my fasting reading where always normal. My A1C came back as being 6.2 and as of this month I'm 5.5 Now my goal is to keep it there. In the past it would creep up to 5.7. Since the weather in my area is getting to cool be pleasant for walking, I'm doing Lessi Simons (not sure if I spelled her name right) 2 mile walk. It's about 35 minutes and it does get you sweeting.
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