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Good evening everyone. I had a busy day. Had to talk to the lawyer and then t he ss office guy. Then I was painting the cieling andgot a call from Wal-Mart for a job interview. THen came home and did some more cieling. Almost through the living room.Looks like I will have enough for the mudroom, then it will be time to do all the trim in white. So very busy going up and down ladders all week.
ladies it is interseting to see your menues everyday, I don't think I would do well on some of the stuff you eat. Cabbage must be raw or pickled, and same goes for anyothe member of the cabbage family. Great to see the different foods and what you can doe with them.

drink lots of water,y,y,y
log everything I eat,y,y,y
post at least once a day,y,y,y
exercise daily,y ,y,y
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