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I switched from all additives to coffee about 5 years ago. I used to put both sugar and creamer in my coffee. But, now I drink it black. At first it seemed to bother my stomach, but now I can't stand to put anything in coffee. It just spoils the robust flavor.

Recently, I cut back on coffee. Only drinking it in the morning. I used to drink about 3 pots per day. That's a major change. The outcome, I sleep sounder and longer and only get up once or not at all to use the bath room.

Regarding food on Fitday. It's true there are some items you may not find. I have several. I just make them into a custom food and forget it.

Regarding the diabetes. I have a 2 friends that are diabetic. We all (66) are close to your age. They both turned themselves around by getting very serious about the condition. There is some opinion that as long as a person has viseral fat they will never be able to totally control their diabetes. Both my friends subscribe to this line of thought. What they did the average person with diabetes can't seem to do. Both were taking shots, but they now fully control it with diet. Both moved to a very low carb diet, high protein (1 gm per pound of body weight) diet. They eat all the veggies they want, eliminated beans, no white anything, and enjoy some fruit. But, they first dieted hard to get lean. That's the problem, the dieting down, it takes courage, fortitude, discipline and drive. When you go on a restrictive diet you should not do any exercise, just diet. But once they hit a goal weight they both increased their caloric intake and started exercising DAILY. Two days with weights, and 4 days doing cardio, (walking, riding a bike, tread mil etc). 6 days per week. They absolutely log everything that passes their lips. It they see their blood test increase, they alter their diet.

I'm going to give you a couple of links so you can explore what I'm talking about a little more in depth.....of course if you want to. Most don't and are willing to do the necessary work. It ain't easy. I watched these guys and am proud to know them. They're tough.
The first is a link to Bicycle Magazine Forum. You don't have to log in to read the thread. Ragiarn "Doc" is in fact a doctor. He has catered to a long list of diabetics in his his practice as well as a long list of athletes. The guy knows his stuff.
Exercise and diet for diabetes control | Bicycling Magazine Forums

The Second link is to a guy who is a guru when it comes to dieting for athletes and those of us who want to push the envelop. His Rapid Fat Loss diet has allowed me to loose 50lbs. I'm now 5'11 and weight 175. I'll tell you more about my progress and what I did if you want to Pm me. Here's the link...look up Rapid Fat Loss diet book. Don't let the lean young bodies put you off...this can work for you.
The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook by Lyle McDonald | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald

Good luck.


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