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Yandry, hang in there! The first two months are going to be the hardest but it gets better. I had my surgery over 10 years ago. Started at 343 lbs and my lowest weight since was 190 lbs. I'm hear because I have gained some weight back do to injury no exercising and decided to work on getting down to my ideal weight which would be 140 or 150. First thing I would recommend is remember your tummy is the size of an egg. To keep yourself from eating more the an egg get some small Tupperware containers and split your meals into those so you know you aren't going over what your tummy can handle . For variety in the purée stage I bought Campbell's soups I liked and blended them in the blender then put them in the small containers. I also went to vitalady . Com and got a variety of their protien shakes as you can get some that are like drinking candy but designed for us. Also do not drink anything before or after you eat your meal for 30 minutes. If you aren't feeling well then go back and make sure you are getting enough protien every day. For healing your protien needs to be really high. Good luck!

Regards, pam
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