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Lightbulb humbug Back soreness

I've been running for about 2 months, I'm 35, 5'8 190 lbs so I'm a bit overweight. On Monday I run nice and slow for 60 mins straight <close to 5 miles> and rest on Tues. Weds i run a little faster and do 30 mins, then rest Thursday. Friday I do another faster 30 mins & take the weekend off,

My breathing and heart rate are fine for the distance, my legs are fine, <i do the 3 main stretches after a brisk 10 min walk b4 i run> (Hamstrings, Quads, Calves, 3 reps 45 sec per leg)

The problem now is that after running my lower back is very sore later on that day and even into the next. I know i have a little gut on me lol and I'v'e studied my posture <straight back while leaning a bit forward while relaxing core>.

Are there back stretches or exercises to help with my lower back problem i never had any injuries in the past or any problems at all, but as i said since iv'e been doing longer distance this seems to be my only problem and concern. Be great to hear some suggestions! thanks!

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