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Hi all. I have been painting again. Spent 2.5 hours climbing up and down a ladder. I got the ceiling painted in the hall and through the kitchen. When the house was built they plastered the ceiling but did not paint it. Can't wash it this way you wash off the plaster. Was wondering does ladder climbing count as walking. Will be doing a lot of it this week. After I paint the ceiling then I have to go around and scrub all the high spots.

Mike nice to see you back

Astralmonkey welcome new people are always welcome.Makes the journy more fun. When I was going to weight watchers I was told that sometimes when we stop loosing as fast,our body is catching up. Have you measered you self lately. You may be loosing inches instead of pound right now.

drink lots of water,y
log everything I eat,y
post at least once a day,y
exercise daily,y
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