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Originally Posted by yuzawa View Post
Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and to the site. I am planning a 50-60 lb weight loss with life changes that I can stick to forever. As I think is pretty typical, this ain't my first rodeo with weight loss. This time, I have some changes that I plan to implement to help me be more successful. 1. I plan to find ways to incorporate a greater variety of foods into my diet, including fruits and vegetables that I currently rarely eat. 2. I plan to focus on strength/circuit training, rather than just straight cardio. 3. I dont plan to incorporate full off-the-wagon cheat days that lead right back to old habits. 4. I plan to avoid trigger foods that send my dietary intake through the roof. 5. I plan to stay away from restaurants foods outside of social events. My husband and I can manage to find something to eat at home
hellooooo^^ im new too and with energy for loss a lot! i though make acount here could help talk with other people who try do the same, normally when i start diet and also got energy,, maybe in 6hours i forgot it and eat all and reallt bad something, actually i have very big problem about the food cuz im not in my country, im in korea and still is difficult to me learn about the food and the other big problem is im living with a american family so they buy the food, normally ALL FAST FOOD so.... so.... well fighting to me and everyone who try do diet! lets do it together with fun!^^
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